We used to recommend you fly American Airlines scheduled flight into Cali from Miami, however, we found out other airlines with great prices and service such as COPA. COPA departs from Los Angles (other destinations from USA are available) to Cali via Panama City. Guadualito Birding Tours does not make any arrangements for delays that might occur at the airport on the outward or return flights. Sometimes the airline will provide meals or necessary overnight accommodation if a delay occurs. In addition, most travel insurance policies include a limited benefit for the purchase of essential items in the event of delays or flight cancellations. We are not responsible for missed departures, flight amendments, or lost luggage. We expect to pick you up at the airport the night of the first day of the trip, if for some reason you are unable to make it that evening you will have to arrange for alternative mean of transportation to Cali.


A reservation is made when the booking form and/or deposit have been confirmed by Guadualito Birding Tours. Bookings are made and confirmed by e-mail. A deposit of $750.00 (or ~30% of the total tour package cost) must be received within 15 days after booking. Bookings and deposits must be received at a minimum of 60 days prior to departure. Earlier bookings are recommended and preferred. You will receive a confirmation invoice with details of the tour dates you have chosen for your trip with GBT.


We reserve the right to cancel any tour for which there are insufficient reservations 60 days before the departure date. If you cancel at least 60 days before your tour departure date, your deposit, less 20%, will be refunded. If you cancel less than 60 days before your tour departure date, no refunds will be provided. Cancellations must be sent by e-mail and Guadualito Birding Tours will confirm receipt by e-mail. Cancellation takes effect on the date it is received and confirmed by Guadualito Birding Tours’ office.

Cost Increase

We reserve the right to change the price in our 2016 season before we enter into a contract with you. If there is a change, we will notify you by e-mail. Cost increases may occur unexpectedly. We calculate our tour prices six to eight months in advance and we try to anticipate the rising cost of ground transportation, food, and accommodation, but if unexpected cost increases occur, we may have to increase the tour package price. Tour package price changes may also occur due to alterations in exchange rates, which have been very volatile in recent years. Any increase in the tour package price will be shown on your final invoice 30 days before tour departure.


During our tour time we will be between an hour to an hour and half from the closest hospital! Make sure your medical insurance works in Colombia. Guadualito Birding Tours is not liable for any medical care you may need during the tour. The client is in charge of their own medications.


We do everything in our power to ensure all of our tours are operated as advertised. However, situations may arise which are outside our control and these may necessitate change. If such circumstances arise, we reserve the right to alter or curtail the itinerary. We reserve the right to alter the tour or substitute tour guides or accommodations if necessary. You will be informed if this action takes place. It is beyond the control of Guadualito Birding Tours if airlines change their schedule which may necessitate us amending the stated itinerary. No compensation is due from Guadualito Birding Tours where cancellation or change results from unforeseeable or unusual circumstances beyond our control. This includes war or threat of war, terrorist activity, riots, civil disorder, natural or nuclear disasters, epidemics, fires, adverse weather conditions, strikes by air traffic controllers in the United States, Colombia, and elsewhere in the world, no fuel availability preventing carriers, hoteliers and other suppliers from carrying out their duties.