Valle del Cauca Trip

Guadualito Birding Tours offers eleven days in the Colombian countryside observing many of the country’s 1920+ known bird species. Based out of Cali, the tour visits four distinct birding locations: Guadualito Area, Coordillera Occidental, Wetlands and Coordillera Central. These locations take birders through open fields and riparian corridors to seek species of woodpeckers, flycatchers, and raptors. Toucanets, hummingbirds, tanagers, and quetzals call to birders in the lush jungle. On the banks of the Colombian wetlands, orioles, ibis, hawks, cormorants, and waterfowl play on the ground and in the sky. The Nirvana Reserve showcases motmots, trogons, potoos, and honeycreepers on the slopes of the central cordillera. The last days of the tour are spent in Cali, birding and experiencing Colombian city culture.

Colombian-born Santiago M. Escruceria, Guadualito Birding Tours owner and guide, opens up his family and friend’s homes and land to birding and naturalist events. He leads small groups through the countryside of his youth to share the beauty of the birds and the land.  Santiago shares with clients copies of “A Guide To The Birds of Colombia,” “Birds of Northern South America,” and the new “Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia.” Clients also receive a general Colombian bird-list packet to document birds observed and to preserve many memorable moments.

“In the jungle, when you hear a species, it is a thrill because usually birds that live in the jungle make really loud sounds. They need to be able to project their voices through the leaves, the trees, and the canopy. There is a bird that we call the ‘swing bird’ that is almost impossible to see. It is one of those things that make you want to stop, close your eyes and listen.”


The tour cost includes lodging and all but one meal -the last night’s dinner. Most nights are spent at Santiago’s family and friends’ country homes. The country homes provides homemade meals.

Colombian meals compliment the birding, flora, and fauna.

Typical meals may include:

• Sancocho and Ajiaco, chicken base soups

• Arroz con Pollo, rice and chicken

• Frijoles Típicos, beans

• Empanadas

Typical Valle del Cauca snacks and fruit juice will be provided.

A hotel has been arranged in Cali and it provides breakfast the first morning. Drinking water is provided for the entire tour. Soda and alcoholic beverages are not offered, however, clients can purchase their own. Special diets are accommodated for a extra fee.

The tour cost includes all local land transportation during your stay in Colombia. For the Valle del Cauca tour, driving times usually are between 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Day 1 – Sunday

Arrival at Cali’s International Airport. Santiago meets the group at the airport

Day 2 – Monday

Depart for the Western Coordillera

Day 3 – Tuesday

Birding Western Coordillera

Day 4 – Wednesday

Birding Western Coordillera

Day 5 – Thursday

Depart for the Central Coordillera

Day 6 – Friday

Birding the Central Coordillera

Day 7 – Saturday

Birding the Central Coordillera

Day 8 – Sunday

Depart for Guadualito Area

Day 9 – Monday

Birding Guadualito Area

Day 10 – Tuesday

Birding Guadualito Area
Back to Hotel

Day 11 – Wednesday

Early departure for Cali’s International Airport

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